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VeriClock helps you control your costs , minimise data entry and manage your labour force more efficiently.

Finally a Time Tracking solution that really syncs with Sage50 without consuming manual timesheet data entry

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 2-way seamless integration sync - 1 Click import!

Bring in your employees, jobs & customer lists to VeriClock in just one
click. No need to duplicate work with our 2-way sync you can pull the lists
you need from Sage, and sync time in directly to timeslips for billing &
payroll processing all in a few easy clicks.

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Configurable one touch reporting, alerts, and GPS location visibility allow you to get real-time data when and how your company needs it.

Accurate Real-Time Data

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VeriClock's scheduling module makes it faster and easier than ever to build and share schedules with employees, assign jobs and shifts, and keep your
workforce in-the-know and running. 

Employees can view their schedules right from their mobile, reducing or eliminating missed shifts & no-shows. Managers and Admins can add shifts ad hoc whenever is needed, right from their mobile, making sure your business can remain agile and responsive.

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In-App Scheduling - Free & included with all accounts!

After years of painful payrolls and time sheets we switched our entire system over to Vericlock. It is easy to use, both from the administrator and the user. It has been a lifesaver as well as money saver for our company since day one

Matt G

Owner. Environmental Services



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 All The Features - No Additional or Hidden Costs!

All-in-one admin dashboard that shows all employeeswho's on the clock and their locations, one-click customizable reports, and more! Get notified in real-time.

Know where your team is for easier workforce management.  Geofencing & GPS tracking

Overtime and no-shows alerts, early clock-outs, employee reminders to clock in and out and more!

Track job costs and manage budgets based on hours worked. Breaks and lunch deduction options

All VeriClock accounts, including free trials give you access to all our
great features, including LIVE support with real agents, free set up and
unlimited support for the lifetime of your account.  

Accessible to anyone, from anywhere on any device, including any web browser, mobile app, phone or SMS.
Seamless integrations
Easily integrate with Quickbooks and Sage, or export to endless other software tools with custom-configured flat files.
Job Costing & Budgeting
Real Time Reporting
Clock in your way

GPS location 

Custom Alerts

With VeriClock, your employees can log their time anywhere, from any device- including any web browser, mobile app, phone or SMS. 

In a few easy clicks, approved employee time can be reviewed and synced directly to Sage 50, where it's ready for payroll processing. 

Whether you're tracking billable time for customers, jobs, projects, and tasks for faster invoicing in Sage 50. With VeriClock, time tracking is automated and data entry is eliminated; giving you the confidence that payroll and billing are as accurate as it was easy.

It’s not just time saved, but money and stress too